How to radicalise curatorial practices – the methodological research of de Appel CP

Monica Liu

Many artists and cultural workers experiment with alternative modes of production and collaboration as a part of their anticolonial practices. 'Hope is a discipline' at de Appel CP adopts hope as a methodology to radicalise curatorial practices. Monica Liu visits two sessions organized by the programme's participants and their 'thought partners' Tropical Tap Water and Arts Collaboratory.

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Seeds as memory capsules - Chupan Mehraneh Atashi's political acts of remembering

Katayoon Barzegar

Confronted with the mechanics of control and censorship in their home country of Iran, Chupan Mehraneh Atashi started searching for other ways of portraying themselves. Captivated by their self-portraits and pictures of flowers, Katayoon Barzegar follows the artist as they install their exhibition at EKKM in Estonia, and traces the fruitful symbols of seeds and flowers in their work.

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Between 8-Bit and 8K: visiting 'REBOOT: Pioneering Digital Art' 

Matthew Sturt-Scobie

Will art made of outdated tech continue to bear intrigue for modern audiences? Matthew Sturt-Scobie visits the ambitious exhibition REBOOT at Nieuwe Instituut, made in collaboration with media art platform Li-Ma. It presents key technology-driven artworks from 1960 to 2000 alongside contemporary digital art. 

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‘I want to create spaces that encourage personal growth’ – in conversation with Eugenie Boon

Nele Brökelmann

Artist Eugenie Boon is known for her big and colourful paintings, inspired by her home country Curaçao. Nele Brökelmann talks to her about her move to The Netherlands and the scenes she depicts. ‘I believe that it is important for people from the islands to see their own reality represented in museums and galleries.’ 

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‘Lets turn big tech into fair tech’ – visiting IMPAKT festival

Matthew Sturt-Scobie

Standing up for our digital rights is long-overdue. That’s why IMPAKT organized Our Terms, Our Conditions: a five-day festival that challenges the big-tech corporations that have too long defined our terms of engagement with them. Matthew Sturt-Scobie visits the festival to see how IMPAKT decodes this (to many) inaccessible area of debate. Will people leave the festival energised and informed on how to respond to the issues brought to the fore?

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The Turner Prize 2023 has been awarded to Jesse Darling read more
Nan blij, Stedelijk blij: Artist Nan Goldin tops the annual ArtReview Power 100  read more
KW Institute for Contemporary Art announces the appointment of Emma Enderby as director as of 15 May 2024.­ ­­­Emma Enderby is a... read more
Here are the 21 New Residents Rijksakademie 2023-24: read more
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In reference to the central theme of Metropolis M No 5- PALEO a review of Anselm Franke & Hila Peleg's exhibition and book Ape... read more
Yes, But is it Edible is a unique book, presenting the scores of two operas of the American composer Robert Ashley. read more
Where is play in art? Fucking Good Art talks about it with Tijs Goldschmidt, Evelyne Reeves, Joris Luyendijk and Zoë Gray. read more
A new magazine by the Mexican artist Mariana Castillo Deball examines the way objects and artifacts work in our understanding of... read more
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Thinking in public – A portrait of Shimmer

What makes Shimmer so special? Nele Brökelmann talks to its curators Eloise Sweetman en Jason Hendrik Hansma to find out more about the ever changing art space in Rotterdam. The view from Shimmer’s window consists of huge cranes,... read more

Layers of Reality: Perception Study of a Synaesthete

Boekenweek 2018

What is the colour of nostalgia? For most of us this would seem like an abstract or even nonsensical question. Not for Anna Püschel. For as long as she can remember her emotions have been tinted with colour. Her resolute answer to the... read more

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