Graduation Shows 2018: Sandberg Institute: The Voice of the Artist 

Liza Prins

The performance-based symposium The Voice of the Artist, organised by the Sandberg Institute as part of the graduation programme of the MA Master of Voice, reflects upon the increased orality of, mostly female, artistic practices. The artists seem to emphasize a fragmented use of the human voice.

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Mapping cultural Africa - Nana Oforiatta Ayim on the African Cultural Encyclopaedia 

Jelle Bouwhuis

Nana Oforiatta Ayim has given herself a gigantic task: mapping the cultural landscape of the African continent. Ghana is the first nation (with another 53 to go!) whose arts and culture, contemporary and historical, are being mapped and archived with the aid of a mobile museum the size of a kiosk. 

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Time and time again - interview with Pedro Gómez-Egaña

Rhea Dall

What are these people doing in this underground world? In this extensive interview artist, composer and musician Pedro Gómez-Egaña tells more about his installation Domain of Things which is the intruiging centerpiece of the group exhibition Anytime Now in TENT, Rotterdam, that is on show until this weekend. 

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2 UNLIMITED - the artistic life/lives of Amsterdam

Liza Prins

From their current location, LELY in Amsterdam Nieuw-West, De Appel explores several artistic communities that now regard Amsterdam as their base in 2 UNLIMITED.

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Intimacy, perception and our surroundings  - in conversation with Eamonn Harnett and Suzanne Wallinga

Nicole Sciarone

Assemblages of Intimacy at A Tale of a Tub approaches issues surrounding the environmental through sensitive and intimate art. Nicole Sciarone talks to Suzanne Walinga and Eamonn Harnett, respectively the curator and initiator of the show.

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Trevor Paglen lets you view the world as the machines see it. read more
Beatrix Ruf, former Stedelijk Museum director, cleared of alleged conflicts of interest. Report commissioned by Amsterdam city... read more
The Artistic Director of the Haus der Kunst since 2011, Okwui Enwezor, is to step down from his post at the Haus der Kunst for health... read more
TBA21-Academy's eco art initiatives get new long-term home in Venetian church.  read more
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In reference to the central theme of Metropolis M No 5- PALEO a review of Anselm Franke & Hila Peleg's exhibition and book Ape... read more
Yes, But is it Edible is a unique book, presenting the scores of two operas of the American composer Robert Ashley. read more
Where is play in art? Fucking Good Art talks about it with Tijs Goldschmidt, Evelyne Reeves, Joris Luyendijk and Zoë Gray. read more
A new magazine by the Mexican artist Mariana Castillo Deball examines the way objects and artifacts work in our understanding of... read more
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Layers of Reality: Perception Study of a Synaesthete

Boekenweek 2018

What is the colour of nostalgia? For most of us this would seem like an abstract or even nonsensical question. Not for Anna Püschel. For as long as she can remember her emotions have been tinted with colour. Her resolute answer to the... read more

Jonge galeries in Den Haag - een portret

De afgelopen jaren is Den Haag op verschillende plekken in de stad een aantal galeries rijker geworden. Ze hebben allemaal op hun eigen manier een plek in het artistieke veld ingenomen. Hoog tijd voor een gesprek met Twelve twelve, Dürst Britt... read more

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