Unraveling the capitalist cosmology: Ray Brassier on the ontology of finance

Corine van Emmerik

In Huis Oostpool in Arnhem, Beirut-based philosopher Ray Brassier gave a presentation named ‘Pricing Time: Remarks on the Ontology of Finance’, moderated by DAI core tutor Bassam El Baroni. The lecture was set up as a restructuring of Suhail Malik’s 2014 paper ‘The Ontology of Finance: Price, Power, and the Arkhéderivative,’ presenting a novel contribution to political economy through the derivate market and capitalist power.

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Decolonial dance and discourse

Corine van Emmerik

Van Abbemuseum’s ten-day caucus Be(com)ing More ended with a spectacular day of talks, music, and powerful dance.  

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The Sociologist, the Artist and the ICC: Art as Inquiry

Julien Séroussi & Franck Leibovici 

Virginie Bobin

Art and poetry offer sociologist Julien Séroussi and his friend, artist and poet Franck Leibovici a way to understand and explain the research and jurisdiction for a trial at ICC in The Hague.

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Future caucus: Thinking beyond Capital and the Human

Corine van Emmerik

With Be(com)ing More the Van Abbemuseum contemplates the past, present and future and asks “How can we become more?”

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A festival on economy, without the economists

Corine van Emmerik

Economia, a three-day festival in the Baltan Laboratories in Eindhoven, tries to reclaim economy as a social and cultural construction.


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DOC - message from the Parisian underground

Nanda Janssen
Kwezi Gule and Simangaliso Sibiya
Dorine van Meel

Unknown Tehran

Mariska van den Berg
Claire Tolan
Arielle Bier

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