A Memoir Polemic, Tirdad Zolghadr on his new book Traction

Jelle Bouwhuis

In his new book Traction Tirdad Zolghadr argues that contemporary art is defined by a moral economy of indeterminacy that allows curators and artists to imagine themselves on the other side of power. An interview.


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DOC - message from the Parisian underground

Nanda Janssen

Each vibrant metropolis needs a fertile soil. Paris is often accused of not having one, and of being dominated by prestigious museums and market-driven galleries. True, there is no abundance of artist initiatives, but let us highlight the one that makes a difference. Meet DOC.

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Kwezi Gule and Simangaliso Sibiya
Dorine van Meel

One of the concrete tasks that lies ahead of us is the decolonization of the art world. Khwezi Gule, writer and Chief Curator at the Soweto Museums and artist Simangaliso Sibiya, a representative of the students at FUNDA Community College in Soweto, talk to the Dutch artist Dorine van Meel.

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Unknown Tehran

Mariska van den Berg

Tehran's art scene is permeated with a deep sense of its own history, which is marked by foreign domination and interference as well as almost four decades of Islamic rule. A visit to a comprehensive, lively and fully connected art scene.

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Europe: No name for an Anthem

Remco Torenbosch at the V&A

Vivian Ziherl

This February Dutch artist Remco Torenbosch will continue his long-abiding work through the bureaucratic seam of the European Union, drawing forward the grain of its much heralded crises in the dissonance of inherent and sedimented contradictions. The occasion is the Collecting Europe exhibition at the V&A Museum in London in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut London, an undertaking that is opens the great collections of this classical institution to contemporary art interventions, staged amid the ongoing dramas of Brexit.

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Claire Tolan
Arielle Bier

Visceral Upcycling

Melanie Bühler

Never Cynical

DIS interview

Karen Archey

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