The New Metropolis M in 60 seconds

Issue no3
June - July 2020
Troebele waters

The Next Generation

Each year, METROPOLIS M organizes a talent hunt of its own: Scouting. In one year, the talent might be found fresh out of the art schools, and in another, our talented individuals have already been active for a few years. This year we have a mixture. While some of the artists have just finished the art academy, we also present a versatile dj and a group of young artists in Rotterdam, where artists' initiatives are popping up like mushrooms.

At the same time, in this issue, we ask what this craving for young talent actually stands for. In particular, we pause at the underlying suggestion that together, these talented artists make up a generation of people in their twenties and thirties who, sooner or later, will dictate the future. But, as will also become apparent in this issue of METROPOLIS M, not everyone agrees with this sociological order wherein culture is related to specific age groups

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Metropolis M Magazine for contemporary art No 3 — 2020