Preview: Garrett Phelan in SMART Project Space

Issue no4
Aug - Sept 2020

<vimeo 10255749>

Today (March 20th) sees the opening of Between two ITs, an exhibition by Garrett Phelan (Dublin, 1965) in SMART Project Space, which explores ‘the space between believing in and not believing’ (Phelan), using diverse media such as radio broadcasts, video, photography and sculpture.

METROPOLIS M exclusively shows Peroration (2009), part of The Last Broadcast Revelations project, in which Phelan investigates the possibility of the potentially prophetic qualities of the Mynah bird. According to the proposed mythology, the Mynah – unlike other talking birds – is capable of not just repeating human speech, but constructing unique sentences.

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Metropolis M Magazine for contemporary art No 4 — 2020