Our Autonomous Life?
First episode GDR sitcom

Issue no6
Dec-Jan 2019/2020 2020
Nieuwe criteria

Have a look at the first episode of the sitcom Our Autonomous Life?, a new Casco production within the framework of The Grand Domestic Revolution.

Our Autonomous Life? is situated in a fictional commune in Utrecht, and follows five housemates experiencing the (hilarious) daily concerns of life in a squatting community.

The sitcom is developed by artist Maria Pask and anthropologist Nazima Kadir, who based the series on Kadir's research on the Dutch squatting movement and the social housing situation in the Netherlands. The latter being a key issue in the two year research project of The Grand Domestic Revolution.

The next episode of Our Autonomous Life? will premier on Saturday december 3th, 21.00 hrs., at Kitchen139 in W139 in Amsterdam.

More on Casco's Grand Domestic Revolution in Metropolis M no 1, 2012.

The Grand Domestic Revolution - User's Manual
6 November 2011 - 26 February 2012
Casco, Volksbuurtmuseum, De Rooie Rat, Utrecht

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