Happy Hardcore at the Nieuwe Kerk
Organ recital by Matt Stokes

Issue no4
Aug - Sept 2020

British artist Matt Stokes is well known for his almost anthropological research in underground scenes and their music. In his Sacred Selections, he performs pipe organ recitals based on transcripts of underground music, now performed in churches all over the world.

For the performance night at the Nieuwe Kerk in Haarlem, Happy Hardcore was his particular music style of focus - covering nearly a decade (the nineties) of Happy Hardcore music in a mesmerizing musical confrontation. The video shows the organ translation of Heart Of Gold (1996), originally from the British record producers Force and Styles.

For Happy Hardcore fans: you can listen to the original from Force and Styles below.

In 2007, Bregje van Woensel reviewed a Sacred Selections performance of Matt Stokes in Rotterdam for Metropolis M. You can read it here (in Dutch).

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Metropolis M Magazine for contemporary art No 4 — 2020