Metropolis M - The September Issue
Unfashionably good!

Issue no5
Oct-Nov 2019
Catalogue Imaginé

In this issue: PHOTOGRAPHY+

As preview to next month's Unseen, the first Photograpy Fair in The Netherlands we present a series of essays and portraits on photography. With: Leigh Ledare, Luc Delahaye, David Bergé, Katja Mater, Suzanne Kriemann and many other


Build your own university - many artists are setting up their own schools

Discussion about autonomy and engagement with Matthijs de Bruijne and Jonas Staal

Kudzanai Chiurai - His work looks tribal and extremely African, but is also close to Western viewers

What do the Metamodernists want?


Column by Tirdad Zolghadr; Reviews & previews from Kassel, Paris, Ghent, Turin, Amsterdam, The Hague, Maastricht and Tilburg (in Dutch only)


Metropolis M nr. 4 - 2012 - in stores now!

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Metropolis M Magazine for contemporary art No 5 — 2019