Metropolis M Podcasts - Vibeke Mascini - Attentions yet to come - Part 1 - Talking to Raviv Ganchrow

Issue no6
Dec -Jan 2022
zigzag 2022 > 2023 + nieuwe collectie

Raviv Ganchrow's work focuses on the interrelationships between sound and space, aspects of which are explored through sound installations, writing, and the development of acoustically shaping, and vibration sensitive technologies. Raviv and I discuss the layering of listening; the intimacy of radio signals, different 'sites of hearing' and the reciprocity of transmitter, medium and receiver. This conversation is interspersed with sound clips from Raviv's project Knallfunken, 2019.

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This episode was made on invitation of Metropolis M, with the support of: Rijksakademie Amsterdam where these conversations were recorded Maggie who introduced the occasional sonic notes of dog dreaming and fur fluttering. Stef Veldhuis who was of great editing assistance and of course thanks to Raviv Ganchrow and Pam Jordan, who shared their intellectual generosity as well as some sound clips from their endlessly inspiring work.

Vibeke Mascini
is a visual artist

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Metropolis M Magazine for contemporary art No 6 — 2022