Limestone's recommendations: Further Reading Print No.3: Down South, Outgazing Our Views, Stronger Than Bone: On Feminism(S) and a firetime story - notes to The Hidden South

Limestone recommends: three books with non-Western and diaspora perspectives

Issue no5
Oct - Nov 2023

Boekenweek forever. It is never too late to discover great books. We asked Limestone Books Foundation, the proud owner of a new bookstore at Grote Gracht 63 in Maastricht, to highlight three books that align with their focus on non-Western and diaspora perspectives.

1) Further Reading Print No.3: Down South, Outgazing Our Views
Edited by Januar Rianto with Almer Mikhail
Published by Further Reading Press

FurtherReading Print No.3 explores graphic design practices beyond the Western-centric canon. The issue presents challenges, values, and cultural landscapes in southern Asia and its neighboring countries. It starts with a visual abstraction, followed by various perspectives on history, heritage, and national identities. Personal accounts on sexual identity and living in different countries are also included. Diasporic experiences are examined through book selections and cinema studies. As Viewed By looks at graphic design through various professional perspectives, highlighting its intersections and essence. The authors aim to shed light on how practices and identities intersect and interact through diverse observations.

Further Reading Print No.3: Down South, Outgazing Our Views. Edited by Januar Rianto with Almer Mikhail. Published by Further Reading Press

Stronger Than Bone: On Feminism(S)
Edited by Defne Ayas, Natasha Ginwala, and Jill Winder
Published by Archive Books

Stronger Than Bone is a companion to international feminist thinking and practices. Gathering twenty-one contributors across generations and geography, this anthology encompasses intergenerational conversations, technological embodiments, and transnational engagements. Critiquing the technological and digital world, it interrogates hetero-patriarchic technology through online anti-beauty activism and gaming culture. Caring for transnational voices, it attends to trans lives in Indonesia, Sami women in Northern Europe, as well as the ecological world-making of Black Brazilian feminism. This book demonstrates how feminism can address our diverse pasts and catastrophic presents in an intersectional way.

Stronger Than Bone: On Feminism(S). Edited by Defne Ayas, Natasha Ginwala, and Jill Winder. Published by Archive Books

a firetime story - notes to The Hidden South
Edited by IHwa Eva LIN
Published by dmp-editions

The art project, The Hidden South, sets out to explore the uncharted territories of Taitung’s indigenous townships in the South-link region. Through the infusion of contemporary art, this bold experiment seeks to initiate a dialogue with and glean insights from the local culture. It is noteworthy that “the south” here is not a reference to geographical direction but rather an allusion to a transcendent spiritual realm that arises from our primal bond with nature. This immersive endeavor provides an avenue for shedding our preconceived notions and surrendering to our intuitive faculties and memories.

a firetime story - notes to The Hidden South. Edited by IHwa Eva LIN. Published by dmp-editions

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