In Memory of John Baldessari - Afraid of Sculpture

Catherine Taft

John Baldessari has passed away last Thursday. In memory of the artist we publish the latest conversation we have had with him in the context of his presentation at the Bonnefanten Museum in Maastricht.

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5 Portretten - #1: The housekeeper 

Adrián Villar Rojas  

Judith de Bruijn & Madelon van Schie

The Oude Kerk presents Poems for Earthlings, an extensive and site-specific installation by Argentinian artist Adrián Villar Rojas (Rosario, 1980). Judith de Bruijn & Madelon van Schie talked with the artist in this immersive environment.

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Blowing up the castle... Imagine that! - Bik Van der Pol on their show in Warsaw's CCA

Weronika Trojanska

Bik Van der Pol's soloshow at the Ujazdowski Castle for Contemporary Art showcases and reworks the institution's history and collection, amidst controversies concerning the sudden appointment of a new director by the government.

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‘The most productive space for me is one of doubt’ – in conversation with Jeff Preiss – Reflections #24

Weronika Trojanska

Jeff Preiss’ show at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam showcases his intuitive, diaristic style of filmmaking. Weronika Trojanska interviews him about his working methods.

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Dehydrated - Vignettes for the thirsty listener - Reflections #21

Clare Butcher

How to keep the art world running when there is no running water? Dehydration, both literally and figuratively, impacts the arts. Clare Butcher on why we need more fluid and collective approaches to art.

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