‘What is the caring thing to do now?’ – a conversation with artist lucie draai

Nele Brökelmann

Born in 1979 in Bogotá, Colombia, lucie draai was adopted by a Dutch couple when she was just a couple of weeks old. Growing up in the Netherlands as an adoptee of colour has made her aware of different aspects of care – differences she further explored during her eight months of living with and caring for the living matter of slime mould (‘Physarum polycephalum’). Currently, her exhibition from yellow to brown (un)measured against a white background is on view at Daily Practice in Rotterdam.

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Metropolis M Podcasts - Vibeke Mascini - Attentions yet to come - Part 1 + 2 - talking to Raviv Ganchrow and Pam Jordan

Vibeke Mascini

A research in the sensorial qualities of sound that reach beyond the regime of the visible by artist Vibeke Mascini who is talking to sound artist Raviv Ganchrow and sound archeologist Pam Jordan.

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Visibility of a community – Anton Shebetko’s photographs of a queer Ukraine

Joris van den Einden

Included in the Graduation 2022 Show at Melkweg Expo and the fifteenth jubilee edition of Galerie Ron Mandos’ Best of Graduates 2022 exhibition where he received the RM Residency Award 2022, photographer Anton Shebetko talks to Joris van den Einden about his research surrounding the forgotten queer history of Ukraine. Dealing with topics of memory, identity, and plurality, Shebetko’s practice is rooted in making visible those things that may otherwise go unnoticed.

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Playing Chess Against Yourself – an interview with artist Pınar Öğrenci

Anna Bitkina

Presented at documenta fifteen, the new work by artist Pınar Öğrenci called Aşît (Avalanche) focuses on the highly traumatic history of Eastern Anatolia of Turkey. Curator Anna Bitkina talks to the artist about the project and her research on the outcomes of the violent political domination in Turkey.

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Twisted and conflicted – different histories juxtaposed in Lado Darakhvelidze’s ‘Caucasian History Lesson’ at P–OST Arnhem

Maia Paduraru

How to visualize the ideology that you were brought up in? – artist Lado Darakhvelidze’s solo exhibition at P–OST Arnhem tries to offer an answer to this question.

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