Waste – Wasteland at The Grey Space in the Middle ­– Art and ecology #2

Joris van den Einden

In this online series, Joris van den Einden researches how art and ecology are increasingly growing closer in the Dutch art world. In this episode, he talks to curators Yannik Güldner and Leon Lapa Pereira about Wasteland, a twelve-day festival consisting of an exhibition (Fungus Socialis), a symposium (Wast3d Care), and a series of workshops surrounding the topic of waste ecologies. A conversation on materiality, community, and growth ensues.

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Disrupting the fairytale of technological progress – Marit Westerhuis' fight against the sponsors of the Groninger Museum

Maia Paduraru

The opening of Marit Westerhuis’ post-apocalyptic installation MEGALITH at the Groninger Museum included an unannounced protest action by Fossil Free Culture NL adressing the fossil fueled sponsorships of the museum. Maia Padura talks to the artist and museum director Andreas Blühm about the protest and the exhibition. Will it bring a change of museum policy?

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Senses / Sedimentations – a conversation with Elizabeth A. Povinelli

Vivian Ziherl

Vivian Ziherl talks to Elizabeth Povinelli, academic and member of the Karrabing Film Collective, about her recent books The Inheritance and Between Gaia and Ground and her research on the ancestral, political identity and the entanglements of existence.

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Repositioning the audience – in conversation with Caz Egelie

Alyxandra Westwood

Brightly coloured shapes, absurdist costumes referencing both fashion and art history, geometric abstraction, animation and brilliant red fingernails that poke-up from the floor; all can be found in the works of the artist Caz Egelie (1994). Egelie’s art practice employs performance, theatre, costumes, found clothing and objects, sculptures and two-dimensional works. Together, these gestures form carefully arranged installations, or rather: scenes, patiently waiting to be activated by the viewer.

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