The productivity of eccentricity – talking to the participants of De Appel CP about Landscape with Bear

Malou Koster

Randomness and instability form the foundation of the exhibition Landscape with Bear, convened by participants of De Appel’s Curatorial Programme. It centres around a part of De Appel’s archive which consists of various non-categorized objects: Collection (Unintented).

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Micro Art Initiatives #24: Sold! This failed work goes to... – Talking to the anonymous art auction Dead Darlings

Lotte van Geijn

What happens to the darling works artists so often have to kill? Dead Darlings sells them to the highest bidder at anonymous auctions. In conversation with Tania Theodorou artist and co-founder of Dead Darlings.  

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Column David Bernstein - The Water Party

David Bernstein

Sometimes I wonder what I would do if I started a political party. Of course there are many important issues to talk about these days, but my party would focus on water. 

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Micro Art Initiatives #23 Noiserr + Regenerative Feedback

Lotte van Geijn

What is noise?  Lotte van Geijn talks to Noiserr + Regenerative Feedback, an 'experimental noise, art, music, philosophy reading and research group'.

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