Archival activations — the writings by Nam June Paik 

Hanna B. Hölling

We Are in Open Circuits: Writings by Nam June Paik (2019) terminates a long silence in publishing primary sources related to Nam June Paik’s work. The volume sheds new light on Paik’s artistic-philosophical project which is currently on view in the traveling exhibition Nam June Paik: The Future is Now soon to reopen at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

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Silvio Lorusso's 'Entreprecariat: Everyone is an entrepreneur. Nobody is Safe' (2019)- an interview by Floor van Luijk

Floor van Luijk

Many artists, curators and critics have to work on a freelance basis: a mandatory embrace of freedom and uncertainty. With the closing of exhibitions and cultural institutions because of COVID-19, the advantages and downsides of this kind of ‘autonomy’ manifest themselves ever more clearly. In his new book Entreprecariat: Everyone is an entrepreneur. Nobody is Safe(2019), Silvio Lorusso questions a more general trend towards flexible work. How are entrepreneurialism and precarity intertwined? And what is the role of creativity in this ‘entreprecariat’? 

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To Describe a Life - An Interview with Darby English

Hendrik Folkerts

Art historian and critic Darby English’s collection of essays To Describe a Life: Notes from the Intersection of Art and Race Terror (2019) was written during, and in part emerges from, multiple moments of crises in the United States, particularly the ongoing violence against black bodies. English champions a form of writing about art that allows us to sit with the artwork, observe all its details and start to understand its complexities and ambiguities. Hendrik Folkerts talks with English about his encounters with art, his method of description, the pitfalls of identity politics and Martin Luther King. ‘‘We don’t need reminders”, English says. ‘‘We need insights.’’

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Anna Ihle on the revaluation of time during corona - 'Free time is very class-specific'- Berichten uit een andere wereld #4

Marsha Bruinen

Slowing down to think about free time. Anna Ihle, a former resident at the Jan van Eyck Academy who recently presented an inspiring view on the life and work of an artist by adopting the free time of her friend, talks about how corona can trigger us to consider anew the way we live our lives.

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