Makers of their own time – Chapter 2

A-Z West – Andrea Zittel

Jessica Gysel

Metropolis M's research fellow Jessica Gysel presents the second text in a series on alternative forms of cooperation and collaboration in queer & feminist cultures. Her first contribution was devoted to Salmon Creek Farm which was founded by Fritz Haeg in Northern California. Now she drives south towards Joshua Tree: the homeland of artist Andrea Zittel and her inspiring life project A-Z West. (images by Katja Mater)

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Verkiezingen zijn niet genoeg! Kunstpraktijken als democratische vernieuwing

Elections Are Not Enough! Art Practices as Democratic Renewal

Metropolis M, in collaboration with the Stedelijk Museum, is holding a livestream event on the eve of the Dutch parliamentary elections. Joram Kraaijeveld, research editor at Metropolis M, will talk to artists about their distinctive practices and the ways they strive to achieve democratic renewal through artistic and political action, both inside and outside government.

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A World Inside You: an elegy for SOPHIE

Ada M. Patterson

‘What you gave me, what you’re still giving me, is a kind of support, a kind of reassurance that this little body, this little life, this little world can be reimagined and remade.’ – Ada M. Patterson writes a tribute to hyperpop artist SOPHIE.

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The most peculiar sensation of rotating without moving – a conversation between gerlach en koop and Laura van Grinsven

Laura van Grinsven

gerlach en koop made Was machen Sie um zwei? Ich schlafe: an exhibition that can be considered as a single work. It was closed almost immediately after it’s opening at GAK in Bremen. In conversation with the artists Laura van Grinsven finds traces of this invisible work in the space between falling asleep and waking up. There where you will find a distinctive ‘double recollection of the two bodies’.

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Poetry and dreams: three films from this year’s IFFR reviewed

Jue Yang

The concentration of women protagonists is encouraging at this year’s International Film Festival Rotterdam. Jue Yang selects three films of the 50th edition of the festival that kicked off last Monday. As life unfolds in confinement and at warped speed, these films offer her solace and understanding.

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