Reviving feminist collectives, together

Liza Prins

When theory and practice meet. In her (hand)book To Become Two, Alex Martinis Roe traces the differences and meeting points between several feminist collectives. How can or should future generations collectively live together? 

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Balancing, balancing - a conversation between Yvette Mutumba and Pieter Paul Pothoven

Yvette Mutumba

In his most recent research project facade suspended, Pieter Paul Pothoven dives into the history of RARA, an Amsterdam-based resistance collective from the 1980s and 1990s. Yvette Mutumba meets up with Pothoven and they talk about his latest work, the upcoming Berlin Biennial and how to discuss the lasting effects of colonialism.

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How to Aboriginalize Australian History - Talking to Gordon Hookey 

Irene de Craen

Gordon Hookey appropiates historical events to comment on Australian’s colonial past and present. A new mural by Hookey is currently on show in the group-exhibition Trade Markings at the Van Abbemuseum, curated by Vivian Ziherl. 

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Intimacy - interview Bruno Zhu 

Domeniek Ruyters

The Life & Work issue of Metropolis M features Bruno Zhu, under the umbrella of A Maior. Domeniek Ruyters talks to him about his curatorial projects in reference to his current solo show at the Kunsthalle Lissabon.

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Printed matter paradise - an afternoon with Karin de Jong at PrintRoom - Boekenweek 2018

Nicole Sciarone

I spent an afternoon in animated conversation with Karin de Jong about PrintRoom, a presentation space and shop for artists’ publications.

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Metropolis M Magazine for contemporary art No 2 — 2018