Mapping cultural Africa - Nana Oforiatta Ayim on the African Cultural Encyclopaedia 

Jelle Bouwhuis

Nana Oforiatta Ayim has given herself a gigantic task: mapping the cultural landscape of the African continent. Ghana is the first nation (with another 53 to go!) whose arts and culture, contemporary and historical, are being mapped and archived with the aid of a mobile museum the size of a kiosk. 

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Time and time again - interview with Pedro Gómez-Egaña

Rhea Dall

What are these people doing in this underground world? In this extensive interview artist, composer and musician Pedro Gómez-Egaña tells more about his installation Domain of Things which is the intruiging centerpiece of the group exhibition Anytime Now in TENT, Rotterdam, that is on show until this weekend. 

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2 UNLIMITED - the artistic life/lives of Amsterdam

Liza Prins

From their current location, LELY in Amsterdam Nieuw-West, De Appel explores several artistic communities that now regard Amsterdam as their base in 2 UNLIMITED.

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Intimacy, perception and our surroundings  - in conversation with Eamonn Harnett and Suzanne Wallinga

Nicole Sciarone

Assemblages of Intimacy at A Tale of a Tub approaches issues surrounding the environmental through sensitive and intimate art. Nicole Sciarone talks to Suzanne Walinga and Eamonn Harnett, respectively the curator and initiator of the show.

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Reviving feminist collectives, together

Liza Prins

When theory and practice meet. In her (hand)book To Become Two, Alex Martinis Roe traces the differences and meeting points between several feminist collectives. How can or should future generations collectively live together? 

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