2017-2057: Gearing up for the Long Haul - a Column by Victoria Ivanova

Victoria Ivanova

I have often asked myself whether my great-grandmother who had suffered the brunt of multiple discombobulating transitions -- the First World War, the Russian Revolution, Soviet collectivisation, famines, Stalin’s repressions, the Second World War, the breakup of Soviet Union and the violence of primitive accumulation in eastern Ukraine in the 1990s, -- equally considered the turbulences of her life-time to be exceptional.

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Dutch Democracy: A User Experience
Vivian Ziherl

An English-language blog on the arts, the state, and business unusual over the 2017 Netherlands Election.

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Dutch Democracy, A User Experience - Blog #1: If the Poets Should Have Their Revenge

Vivian Ziherl

An English-Language Blog on Governance, the Arts, the State, and Business Unusual Over the 2017 Netherlands’ Elections. Featuring Stefan Themerson (Check the video!)

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Progress in art - Column by Anselm Franke

Anselm Franke

Progress in art: what would that possibly be in a time when the very idea of progress has become ridiculous, when the world’s bullies revive the most phantasmatic divisions and binaries that keep us hostage, and where no ghosts, demons or vampires of the past are buried safely, prevented from sudden return?

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Consumerism Without Consumption Without Consumerism

A Column by Rob Horning

Consumerism and consumption always co-exist. But technology is helping us believe they can be separated, enjoyed independently of the limits the one places on the other.

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A Summons for Storage

Helen Kaplinsky
White raven
Domeniek Ruyters
Hella Jongerius & Louise Schouwenberg
Hinde Haest
Space out in Holland...It's not an option!
Jonas Ohlsson

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