Anne Imhof's YOUTH from a Ukrainian perspective

Yuliia Elyas

In an interview on this website about Anne Imhof's YOUTH the Stedelijk claims that it fully respects the cultural boycot of Russia even though some of the works by Imhof are produced in cooperation with the Garage Museum in Moscow. The Ukrainian artist Yuliia Elyas disagrees and sees a show in support of Russian voices, Russian productions, Russian schemes, and Russian scenery.

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What documenta fifteen offered to the future - documenta fifteen closing days #1

Aneta Rostkowska and Giulia Bellinetti

In the current media debates about documenta fifteen a very important aspect of the event is almost being absent: the fact that it was a tangible proposal for artists, curators and art institutions concerning how to work differently. This proposal invoked very positive reactions inside a large part of the art scene in Germany and internationally. What were the reasons for this enthusiasm?

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Hamja Ahsan - Calling the Azaan in the art world

Hamja Ahsan

In the run-up to this year's Documenta Fifteen, Hamja Ahsan reflects on his stay in the Netherlands and his residency at the Jan Van Eyck Academie (2020-21). For the yearly Open Studios, Ahsan transformed his studio to a public prayer room. At Documenta he will also open a public space, one in which the prayer mats are replaced by a deep fryer. 

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A New Culture of Accessibility

Staci Bu Shea en Mira Thompson

How might a social model of disability be practiced within the context of The Netherlands? What would it look and feel like if the Dutch art and culture scene led the way for a radically new way to be solidary with people with a disability? GA NAAR DE NEDERLANDSE VERSIE)

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Lesser-Of-Two-Evils-Ism: Participating in Election 2020 USA

Jeremiah Day

How is one to consider the 2020 US Presidential election, to get involved either mentally or in any practical sense? Jeremiah Day discusses the choice between two evils. Can “non-participation” have public meaning?

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Care in times of Care

Staci Bu Shea

For a Criticism of Emergence

Sven Lütticken

In Poland, which is to say everywhere

Kuba Szreder

Does Witte de With have to change its name?

Florian Cramer

Documenting documenta 14 Athens

iLiana Fokianaki
Dutch Democracy: A User Experience
Vivian Ziherl

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