The exhaustion of being nice 

Corine van Emmerik

Why Is Everybody Being So Nice? is the title of the four-day long program organized by De Appel Curatorial Programme held in their new location Broedplaats Lely. The program came to a close with The Night of Exhaustion and Exuberance, a collective sleepover, investigating the potential of collective sleeping as a gesture of resistance and appropriation of time and space. 

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Looking for Jesus 

Natasha Hoare

The exhibition Looking for Jesus kicks off the residency of Brazilian artist Jonathas de Andrade at project space Tale of a Tub. In the installation de Andrade is in pursuit of a 'new face of Jesus'.

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2017 Whitney Biennial

Weronika Trojanska

This year's Whitney Biennial does not leave the visitor indifferent.

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Iggy Pop Life Class by Jeremy Deller

Weronika Trojanska

Jeremy Deller: ‘Even though Iggy Pop's body has been photographed and reproduced in print millions of times I felt it could only be properly understood and appreciated by being drawn – the process in which you give the subject the attention it deserves.’

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Combining Ideology & Indeterminacy: Dove Bradshaw’s first Dutch exhibition

Helen van Gorkum

The international platform Zone2Source located within Amsterdam’s Amstel park is currently hosting the Dove Bradshaw exhibition Spent. Both a retrospective (from the seventies onward) and a showcasing of her most recent work, it’s also her first display using almost sculpture only.

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