The Trouble with Value - Liquidating artworks

Nicole Sciarone

On what basis do we attribute monetary value to objects? What happens to artworks when they are merited only for their use value?

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Trade Markings at Van Abbe - Contextualizing trade and its present traces

Nicole Sciarone

Researching 600 years of trade routes. From Murriland to ASML.

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Graduation Shows 2018: Sandberg Institute: The Voice of the Artist 

Liza Prins

The performance-based symposium The Voice of the Artist, organised by the Sandberg Institute as part of the graduation programme of the MA Master of Voice, reflects upon the increased orality of artistic practices. The artists seem to emphasize a fragmented use of the human voice.

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The emotional and its political infrastructures

Jack Segbars

First Person Plural: Empathy, Intimacy, Irony, and Anger, currently on show at BAK, departs from the frame of the emotional as the primal constitutive material from which societal and political forms arise. 

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'Go with the bias'- Examining prejudiced technologies

Nim Goede

We tend to talk about digital technologies as if they are completely neutral and objective. But the opposite holds true. Big Bias, the first edition of the lecture series Coded Matter(s) of FIBER Festival, takes a closer look at multiple biases present in technology.

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It's political, it's sensitive, it's urgent - is it?

Weronika Trojanska

On Touch - Queer electrons and feeling philosophy

Corine van Emmerik

The Human Insect

Jareh Das

Artists do not retire 

Nicole Sciarone

WheredoIendandyoubegin - Shilpa Gupta

Nicole Sciarone

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