India Art Summit 2011

Issue no4
Aug - Sept 2020

Last weekend, India’s art lovers gathered in Delhi. Artists, curators, directors, critics and collectors are meeting each other at the India Art Summit: the only art fair in India of any significance and above all an important social event. This third edition promises to become a success. At least according to the fair organisers. They are aiming for an immense number of visitors: 40.000 in four days, and an equally high sales percentage: 50% of the offered works.

Two days after the opening it is the question whether the organisation can substantiate these numbers. This is not due to a lack of good art works – which are very diverse and of high quality. However, do not wish for surprises, experimentation or new discoveries: the well-known galleries traditionally give the best presentations, but are playing it safe with their most renowned artists. Visitors know what they are looking at and this seems to be an important condition for the art consuming audience.

High points:

Low points:
[figure "anupam-sud.JPG" "carlo-pasini-stark-grant.JPG" "chintan-upadhyay-espace-gallery.JPG" "cymroza-art-gallery.JPG" "dong-jin-park-shonandai-gallery.JPG" "f.n.-souza-gallery-88.JPG" "galerie-arteria.JPG" "jenny-watson-greenaway-art-galle.JPG" "katherine-bernardt-carbon-12.JPG" "kumari-nahappan-apparao-gallerie.JPG"]

India Art Summit
20-23 January 2011
New Delhi, India

Want to know more about the art scene in India? Read: Grant Watson, 'Art institutes in India. A world of dealers and thinkers' in Metropolis M no. 6, 2010.

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