The uncanny ambiguity of hope – Julian Hetzel’s There Will Be Light 

Joris van den Einden

A door opens, an interviewee enters. Studio Hetzel is giving away €15.000 to one person, and a deconstructed beach at WEST Den Haag hosts the selection procedure. From May 12th through 19th also to be seen at SPRING Utrecht.

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Bioplastic folklore for a not-so-distant future – Janek Simon at 1646

Agnieszka Wodzińska

Before you are able pinpoint why a shape in Janek Simon’s Meta Folklore feels familiar to you – maybe it resembles a statue you once saw in a museum or a toy you used to own – it shapeshifts into something else, denying you the comfort and nostalgia that comes with recognisability.

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An art platform alongside yet distinct from Amsterdam’s art scene

Manuela Zammit

​The exhibitions at Mutter, the newly opened art platform Mutter are short-lived yet refreshing. Manuela Zammit was able to catch one of them just in time: the duo-exhibition Para-genous Bodies with work by Sophie Soobramanien and Antonin Giroud-Delorme.

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Distant childhood memories in dusty pinks and sandy yellows ­– Arturo Kameya’s 'Drylands' at Dordrechts Museum

Manuela Zammit

Entering Arturo Kameya’s exhibition space at Dordrechts Museum feels little like arriving someplace warm, and that’s not just because of the show’s title – Drylands. Using sandy yellows, dusty pinks and pale greens, the artist invites visitors to walk around in childhood memories of his native land Peru, plastic cockroaches humming in the distance.

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Crip time, queer time, deep time, non-human time…: 'No Linear Fucking Time' at BAK, Utrecht

Cara Farnan

In the dominant framework of capitalist modernity, time passes on objectively, possessing the promise of linear progression. Circulating through BAK’s exhibition space again and again, Cara Farnan notices how her grasp of this homogenizing, ‘progressive’ and devastating time disintegrates. Slowly but surely, she starts to sense the plural, subjective and sustainable ways of time the artists attempt to make tangible.

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