Unwanted bodies – resistance and refusal - Becoming Ovartaci and Danish Cobra 75

Maia Kenney

Outsider, intellectual, poet, traveler, psychiatric patient and what now is called a trans artist, the Danish artist Ovartaci (1894 – 1985, born as Louis Marcussen) fits perfectly in today's identity based art discourse which is promoting an inclusive boundary free approach to the arts. Her work stands out in the impressive exhibition 'Cobra 75: Danish Modern Art' at Cobra Museum getting a floor of its own. Maia Kenney is impressed by the richness of all presentations at the Amstelveen museum though unsure about the way Ovartaci is framed. ‘I realized just how lonely Ovartaci was.’

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A little known history of the activities of artists from Turkey in The Netherlands 

Eli Witteman

The exhibition Scattered – Hidden Narratives Through Archives overflows with information on the different generations of artists from Turkey that have migrated to The Netherlands. Curator Nesli Gül combines archival materials with the work of four contemporary artists from Turkey to evaluate the impact of their artistic practices in The Netherlands?

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‘Thank you for your email, I am sleeping’ – visiting ‘Out of Office’ at IMPAKT, Utrecht

Matthew Sturt-Scobie

Packed schedules, hidden labour and exploitative productivity; the way work works, isn’t working for us, IMPAKT states. Matthew Sturt-Scobie enters its office-turned-exhibition space, hoping that the group exhibition ‘Out of Office’ will present him with valuable alternatives.

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A ‘post-conference’ on post-extractive culture: three days of dreaming worlds 

Ilaria Obata

​The collaborative symposium ‘Towards a Post-Extractive Culture: A gathering of souls dreaming and building a world of many worlds’ at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and OT301 invites its audience ‘to learn and unlearn by disobedient futures’. Ilaria Obata reports on three days of ‘deep listening’, intergenerational storytelling and knowledge sharing. 

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Otherworldly characters — Belkis Ayón at Ludwig Forum Aachen

Fionn Meade

Breathing life into a fraternal ritual order that excluded her by definition, Belkis Ayón (1967-1999) delves deep to estrange it, make it new, and manifestly her own. Fionn Meade visits her sure-handed, transfixing retrospective at the Ludwig Forum in Aachen and discusses the large-scale ‘print installations’.

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