It's political, it's sensitive, it's urgent - is it?

Weronika Trojanska

The New York Triennial claims to give voice to a generation of younger artists. And the young artist of today calls for action. 

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Stories against historical erasure - Tell Freedom. 15 South African artists

Nicole Sciarone

How to deal with the still healing wound of apartheid and Dutch colonialism in South Africa? In a rather optimistic, and dense, exhibition at Kunsthal Kade fifteen South African artists interweave personal and political narratives to talk about the country's future. 

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On Touch - Queer electrons and feeling philosophy

Corine van Emmerik

How to think of touch in relation to queerness? Studium Generale Rietveld Academie organized Hold Me Now, a four-day conference with a large number of superstar academics. Spoiler alert: touch does not seem to exist. 

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The Human Insect

Jareh Das

What do insects, architecture and the radio have to do with one-another? The Human Insect: Antenna Architecture 1887- 2017, one of five exhibitions put together under the title Dissident Gardens at Het Nieuwe Instituut, explores potentials for an insect-like architecture. 

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