Painting women painting women – on the work of artist Lisa Brice

Sophie van Well Groeneveld

Women claiming their place in art history - Lisa Brice's work shows women at work, painting women, many of them in cobalt blues and deep bright reds. Her work is full of quotes from art history questioning the way white men used to claim this figurative tradition.

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Claude Cahun’s intangible identity - “Behind this mask another mask, I will never finish lifting up all these faces” 

Maia Kenney

Even armed with our 21st-century arsenal of terminology, French activist, artist and writer Claude Cahun’s identity flux remains uncapturable. The exhibition Under the Skin – Claude Cahun at the Cobra Museum unfolds as a dive into the carnival mirror hall where Cahun is both strongman and meditating Buddha, life-sized doll discarded in a wardrobe and Unknown Soldier standing on his own grave.

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Walking around with your eyes closed 

Kaylie Kist

Blindfolded in Amstelpark, Kaylie Kist joins one of the walks curated this autumn by Zone2Source as part of their exhibition and public programme Mind Your Step. A sense of vulnerability opens up as she and other participants are trying to navigate through the park. Auditory and tactile senses are intensified, allowing for alternative ways of responding to eco-political challenges to emerge.

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The museum archive as feminist construction site —  “I’M NOT A NICE GIRL!” at K21 - On Hold #6

Lexington Davis

“You are a good painter and a nice girl” German curator Kasper König patronizingly assured artist Lee Lozano in 1969. Lozano answered: “Wrong on both counts. I’m a very good painter and not a nice girl!” Her quip now lends a group exhibition of all-women conceptual artists in K21 in Düsseldorf its title.

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