Graduation Shows 2022 – Sandberg Instituut: Look and contemplate

Joris van den Einden

A lot of video work and a lot of ‘big themes’ such as masculinity, authority and existentialism: Joris van den Einden visits the graduation show of the Sandberg Instituut and makes a personal selection of especially striking, challenging, and intriguing works. This year’s graduates certainly know how to deal with the peculiarities and specificities of their exhibition spaces, amongst others a former Courthouse.

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“We are all bodies of water” – visiting Emotions are Oceans at Radius CCA

Manuela Zammit

​The underground humidity and water-stained stone walls of the recently opened exhibition space Radius CCA set the perfect stage for Emotions are Oceans: an exhibition in which creative alliances are formed across national borders, disciplines and species in order to tackle the complex web of cause and effect that is climate change.

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All sorts of “space” – visiting the exhibition “Whereabout” at SIGN,  Groningen

Maia Paduraru

In Whereabout, the show that is currently on view at SIGN, Groningen, freshly graduated artists exhibit their works alongside more established artists. All explore the visualization of space. Upon her visit, Maia Paduraru notices that the artists share a strong predilection for the virtual dimensions of space.

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Spiralling towards a pluriversal world – Aldo E. Ramos at A Tale of a Tub

Nele Brökelmann

How can we think of ourselves in relation to the earth while cherishing the different grounds everyone originates from? This is the leading thought within Aldo E. Ramos’ artistic practice. During the preparations for his exhibition at A Tale of a Tub, Ramos contacted people living in the neighbourhoods surrounding the exhibition place, sharing stories with them about migration, loss, and growing roots in unexpected places.

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The uncanny ambiguity of hope – Julian Hetzel’s There Will Be Light 

Joris van den Einden

A door opens, an interviewee enters. Studio Hetzel is giving away €15.000 to one person, and a deconstructed beach at WEST Den Haag hosts the selection procedure. From May 12th through 19th also to be seen at SPRING Utrecht.

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