I Wander and Therefore I Am? - Wandering as Deviant Practice

Zoë Dankert

How can we think of art as a generator of alternative knowledge? How does art interact with the unknown and the marginal? The three-day symposium Unfinished Systems of Non-Knowledge: On Wandering explores the relation between wandering, art and knowledge.

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Marres Currents #5: I Spy, I Spy a little lie

Jareh Das

Marres Currents #5, which is showcasing the latest graduate art from academies in The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, has chosen for play as an entry point to a political theme: the growing frustrations regarding access to information and the valuation of knowledge.

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humans of the institution
Corine van Emmerik

The three days conference Humans of the Institution in Amsterdam brought together curators, theorists and artists from all over the world to discuss ways to speak out about their precarious positions in the cultural field.

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Performance Matters

Performa 17's opening week

Jareh Das

For its 2017 edition, Performa firmly anchors its curatorial theme in the legacy of Dada. Is the fervour of Dada ‘to enrage the bourgeoisie and instigate nihilism in art’ visible at Performa? A closer look at Performa's opening week in New York. 

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WTF is the message?!
Corine van Emmerik

Is Marshall McLuhan's thinking about media and technology still of meaning to the arts? 

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Art In The Age Of… Asymmetrical Warfare
Manon van den Bliek
Stealing Tomorrow's Trends
Sergey Guskov
Brave New World
Alix de Massiac
The transhistorical
Alix de Massiac
What color is this sound?
Linnea Semmerling
Anne Marijn Voorhorst

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