Felipe Ehrenberg has passed away

Issue no2
April - Mei 2018

Felipe Ehrenberg (Tlacopac, City of Mexico, 1943 – 15 May 2017) was a Mexican Jewish artist who has worked in painting, drawing, printmaking, performance, and book and magazine publishing, among other media.

His artistic career of more than 50 years covers the conceptual art of the seventies, including mail art and mimeography, a neographical technique of which he is a pioneer. His multifaceted personality makes a classical classification of his work difficult, so Ehrenberg has defined himself as a neologist since the seventies; the term itself is a neologism which underlines the experimental characteristics of his work.[1] He considered himself an artist, chronicler, professor, politician, diplomatic, editor, actor, organizer, and tireless traveler.

Ehrenberg was co-founder of Beau Geste Press. In the upcoming issue of Metropolis M we have a text on Beau Geste Press.

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