Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art gaat voorlopig zonder naam verder

Issue no3
juni - juli 2020
Troebele waters

Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art haalt naam van de gevel en gaat voorlopig zonder naam verder. Het centrum reageert hiermee op kritiek dat het de naamswisseling te ver voor zich uitschoof.

Press Release of the Art Centre Formerly Known as Witte de With

'Our Name Cessation'

As of today, 27 June 2020, we cease using our thirty-year-old name, Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art.

We hope our name cessation creates greater space for imagination, as we move into the final phase of our renaming. We have planned a number of activities involving public participation in the coming months. You are welcome to join us, whether on-site or remotely. These activities will inform our institutional renaming.

We announced some weeks ago that the renaming of our institution will come into effect on 27 January 2021. Many of you have inquired into why it has taken, or will take, so long to make a name change. The answer, in brief, is that in the past couple of years we have focused on making institutional reforms preceding symbolic change alone.

We heard repeatedly that this does not suffice. Indeed, we live, work, and communicate with meaningful symbols. It is our duty as an art institution to face and make things visible; to interpret and re-signify signs.

We recognize that things need to be done differently. We understand that the timely pace of change is important. We sensed, we listened, we reasoned. True, we have to let go. We have to make space for what’s to come. Join us!


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