Does Witte de With have to change its name? 

Florian Cramer

Witte de With is subject of a public debate on its name giver Admiral Witte Corneliszoon de With (1599 – 1658). Rotterdam based research professor and writer Florian Cramer thinks it should change its name.

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Documenting documenta 14 Athens
iLiana Fokianaki

There has been a lot of criticism on documenta 14 (d14) both locally and internationally since the very moment it was announced under the title Learning from Athens. The opening of the show a few weeks ago did not silence the opposing voices.

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2017-2057: Gearing up for the Long Haul - a Column by Victoria Ivanova

Victoria Ivanova

I have often asked myself whether my great-grandmother who had suffered the brunt of multiple discombobulating transitions -- the First World War, the Russian Revolution, Soviet collectivisation, famines, Stalin’s repressions, the Second World War, the breakup of Soviet Union and the violence of primitive accumulation in eastern Ukraine in the 1990s, -- equally considered the turbulences of her life-time to be exceptional.

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Dutch Democracy: A User Experience - Blog #2: After Concern

Vivian Ziherl

An English-language blog on the arts, the state, and business unusual over the 2017 Netherlands Election.

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HD is the new A4 - de opkomst van de designerfilm

Yin Aiwen

In recente jaren hebben verschillende grafisch ontwerpers zich gewend tot het bewegend beeld bij het uitdrukken van hun ideeën. Nemen film en video straks helemaal de plaats in van het drukwerk? Aan de hand van enkele speculatieve stellingen probeert Yin Aiwen grip te krijgen op dit nieuwe, maar snel in populariteit groeiende type film. 

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