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03 juli 2011
Ben Schot

You are like everybody else; you take these good people for a tribe of syndics and merchants counting their gold crowns with their chances of eternal life, whose only lyricism consists in occasionally, without doffing their broad-brimmed hats, taking anatomy lessons? You are wrong. They walk along with us, to be sure, and yet see where their heads are: in that fog compounded of neon, gin, and mint emanating from the shop signs above them. Holland is a dream, monsieur, a dream of gold and smoke—smokier by day, more gilded by night. And night and day that dream is peopled with Lohengrins like these, dreamily riding their black bicycles with high handle-bars, funereal swans constantly drifting throughout the whole land, around the seas, along the canals. Their heads in their copper-colored clouds, they dream; they cycle in circles; they pray, somnambulists in the fog’s gilded incense; they have ceased to be here.

(From "La Chute" by Albert Camus, 1956. Translated by Justin O'Brien)

03 juli 2011
Ben Schot

By the way, Mr Ohlsson, you can find the former manager of The MC5 and leader of the radical White Panther Party, John Sinclair, in the 420 Café, Oudebrugsteeg, Amsterdam. In this place, at a stone's throw from where Camus made his observations, John rides a black Lohengrin bicycle whenever he can. If you buy a copy of "Guitar Army", his collected street and prison writings, he may take you for a ride in his hotrod sidecar and tell you about repression, revolt, revolutionary art and music, and changing times. Enjoy the ride and give John my love when you see him!

Ben Schot

03 juli 2011

for some more mind expansion check-out
part of


04 juli 2011
Jonas Ohlsson

I would love to hook up with John Sinclair and I will check out his writings.
thanks for the tip!


04 juli 2011
Ben Schot

Great, Jonas. You'll get along just fine with John!

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