Painting as a Platform for Community – in conversation with Pris Roos

Alyxandra Westwood

While many different curiosities come together in Pris Roos’ brightly coloured canvases and installations, there is one that clearly stands out: a strong sense of community. Alyxandra Westwood visits the artist in her studio in Rotterdam: ‘I hope that people can really become part of the gathering, moment, or story I have depicted on the canvas.’

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Yelling in the Belly of the Beast - talking to Alexis Blake about the Prix de Rome 2021

Machteld Leij

Alexis Blake was awarded the Prix de Rome in 2021 with her performance rock to jolt [ ] stagger to ash. It’s a choreography based on the sound of the female voice, social critique and the feeling of loss and voicelessness. 

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How student-led artist initiatives are changing the institution from within

Alyxandra Westwood

Does the Dutch art education system uphold the illusion that a neutral position can be promoted when it comes to political issues? This is one of many frustrating and perplexing questions that have resounded through art schools in the Netherlands over the past year. A growing disconnect between art school management and their current students and alumni has prompted the emergence of student-initiatives in art schools across the country.

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A Different Perspective: The Kiev Biennial and the Ukrainian Contemporary Art Field

Sjoukje van der Meulen

Coming week we look back to the year in art. In Eastern Europe, art biennials are joining forces: the biennials in Budapest, Prague, Warsaw, Riga and Kiev form alliances to promote small-scale, low-budget, activist and independent art events. Sjoukje van der Meulen visited the Kiev Biennial and highlights the special role this politically engaged manifestation plays in the Ukrainian capital.

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Altered States - A review of Anne Boyer’s Keynote presentation: The Fallen Angel of the Senses
Kaylie Kist

Kaylie Kist visits a lecture by author Anne Boyer on a day of presentations, workshops and healing sessions at Kunstinstituut Melly.

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bell hooks, Pathbreaking Black Feminist, Dies at 69 read more
Sylvère Lotringer died earlier this week (1938–2021) read more
Hundreds of artists sign open letter calling for U.S. to offer asylum to afghan culture workers. read more
Jane’a Johnson (US) will be the new Artistic Director at Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam. Johnson will join the management of Foam... read more
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In reference to the central theme of Metropolis M No 5- PALEO a review of Anselm Franke & Hila Peleg's exhibition and book Ape... read more
Yes, But is it Edible is a unique book, presenting the scores of two operas of the American composer Robert Ashley. read more
Where is play in art? Fucking Good Art talks about it with Tijs Goldschmidt, Evelyne Reeves, Joris Luyendijk and Zoë Gray. read more
A new magazine by the Mexican artist Mariana Castillo Deball examines the way objects and artifacts work in our understanding of... read more
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Het zoete leven - feestelijke seizoensopening Amsterdamse galeries

Ook bij de Amsterdamse galeries is het nieuwe culturele seizoen van start gegaan. Er is opvallend veel fotografie en schilderkunst dit jaar – met een flinke portie levenslust en oog voor detail. In Annet Gelink Gallery, Galerie Bart,... read more

Graduation Shows 2019: Gerrit Rietveld Academie

Een contemplatieve, naar binnen gekeerde eindejaarsshow bij Rietveld dit jaar. De Graduation Show van de Rietveld is weer open voor het publiek. Dit jaar studeren maar liefst 165 studenten af. Resultaat is een enigszins overvol gebouw, of... read more

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