Blowing up the castle... Imagine that! - Bik Van der Pol on their show in Warsaw's CCA

Weronika Trojanska

Bik Van der Pol's soloshow at the Ujazdowski Castle for Contemporary Art showcases and reworks the institution's history and collection, amidst controversies concerning the sudden appointment of a new director by the government.

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‘The most productive space for me is one of doubt’ – in conversation with Jeff Preiss – Reflections #24

Weronika Trojanska

Jeff Preiss’ show at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam showcases his intuitive, diaristic style of filmmaking. Weronika Trojanska interviews him about his working methods.

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Undoing the biennale in three acts - the final phase of Coltan as Cotton, Contour Biennale 9

Kyveli Mavrokordopoulou

This year's Contour Biennale is synced with the moon's movements around three weekends rather than a conventional biennale format. Throughout the yearly moon cycle of the experiment that was Coltan as Cotton, one couldn’t tell if things had come to an end. Does it matter that there was no conclusion or finalised outcome?

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Refusing to take root - Rossella Biscotti in Rotterdam

Isabelle Sully

Rossella Biscotti’s current show at Witte de With subtly lays bare how sentient beings uprooted by colonialism refused to take root in foreign soil.

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Choreographies of Togetherness - 3-days of Training for The Future at the Ruhr Triennale

Viviana Checchia

Jonas Staal and Florian Malzacher organised a camp during the Ruhr Trienniale. The camp trains the participants for the future to come. Viviana Checchia reports on the different types of trainings on offer.

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All four artists shortlisted for the 2019  Turner prize  have been named winners after they came together and made a plea for... read more
Wim Waelput appointed director of La Loge. read more
Call to Boycott Turkish Government Sponsored Academic and Cultural Institutions read more
'Art Against War and Fascism in the 20th and 21st Centuries.' In Warszaw a two day Conference is organizing forces against the... read more
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In reference to the central theme of Metropolis M No 5- PALEO a review of Anselm Franke & Hila Peleg's exhibition and book Ape... read more
Yes, But is it Edible is a unique book, presenting the scores of two operas of the American composer Robert Ashley. read more
Where is play in art? Fucking Good Art talks about it with Tijs Goldschmidt, Evelyne Reeves, Joris Luyendijk and Zoë Gray. read more
A new magazine by the Mexican artist Mariana Castillo Deball examines the way objects and artifacts work in our understanding of... read more
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Graduation Shows 2019: Gerrit Rietveld Academie

Een contemplatieve, naar binnen gekeerde eindejaarsshow bij Rietveld dit jaar. De Graduation Show van de Rietveld is weer open voor het publiek. Dit jaar studeren maar liefst 165 studenten af. Resultaat is een enigszins overvol gebouw, of... read more

EYE I I I EI I I I - Graduation Shows 2019 HKU

In de voormalige Pastoefabriek neemt Fine Arts een andere gedaante aan dan voorheen op de Tractieweg. De productie is concreter, meer gericht op een visueel pakkend eindresultaat. Commerciëler kun je het ook noemen: klaar voor de galerie. Het... read more

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