Summer 2012: Qiu Zhijie in Witte de With

Issue no5
Oct-Nov 2021

From the press release: Artist Qiu Zhijie (b. 1969, Fujian Province, China) draws from major political and historical narratives to produce large-scale ink-based maps and diagrams. From Confucianism to Enlightenment, Qiu Zhijie charts new paths, centers, nodes and relationships, scrutinizing the mutable boundaries that outline histories of world thought.

Qiu Zhijie developed these series of mappings of the contemporary world based on several concepts that are summarized in the following maps: Map of 21st century; Map of Utopia; Map of Total Art; Map of Chinese History; Map of Nanjing Yangzi River and Map of Spirit Renew.

Witte de With
Prompts & Triggers: Blueprints by Qiu Zhijie
26 June 2012 - 19 August 2012

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