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8 Interviews

Issue no5
Oct - Nov 2018


ALEXANDRE SINGH the artist who resides in Witte de With for more than a year in preparation of a play to be performed in 2013

ANNA TILROE EN CAMIEL VAN WINKEL two art critics who fundamentally disagree upon the state art is in and what to do about it

MARINUS BOEZEM one of the key figures of Dutch Conceptual Art talks about his iconic works from the sixties and seventies

SISSEL TOLAAS researcher and artist who is famous for her experiments with smell

MARK MANDERS will be representing The Netherlands on the upcoming Venice Biennial. He talks about his inspirations and working procedures

ZUS two architects and urban developers who plea for a new approach to city development

ROSSELLA BISCOTTI the young Italian artist, living in the Netherlands who had two prominent installations at last documenta and manifesta

CHINA MIÉVILLE the British academic and weird fiction writer who is famous for his peculiar interpretatation of live after death

Metropolis M Nr 6-2012
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Metropolis M Magazine for contemporary art No 5 — 2018