‘The most productive space for me is one of doubt’ – in conversation with Jeff Preiss – Reflections #24

Weronika Trojanska

Jeff Preiss’ show at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam showcases his intuitive, diaristic style of filmmaking. Weronika Trojanska interviews him about his working methods.

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Dehydrated - Vignettes for the thirsty listener - Reflections #21

Clare Butcher

How to keep the art world running when there is no running water? Dehydration, both literally and figuratively, impacts the arts. Clare Butcher on why we need more fluid and collective approaches to art.

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Against the Anthropocene - A conversation with TJ Demos - Reflections #19

Alice Smits

What can the art world do about the climate change? Alice Smits is talking to TJ Demos about his thought provoking essay Against the Anthropocene?

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Letter from Beijing - Artist in Residence #5
Goeun Bae

This summer we have invited artists to write a letter or a postcard from their temporary residencies all around the world. Today Goeun Bae writes a letter to her father.

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Colour Critique - Why the white cube is no longer white - Reflections #17

Melanie Bühler

How to understand the revival of coloured walls in recent exhibitions? Melanie Bühler takes us through the history of the white - and coloured - cube and puts the apparent end of chromophobia in context.

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