How student-led artist initiatives are changing the institution from within
Alyxandra Westwood

A growing disconnect between art school management and their current students and alumni has prompted the emergence of student-initiatives in art schools across the country. Alyxandra Westwood met with some of the groups and talked about how they plan to change the art schools from within.

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Pursuing the Madness of the Image: A Conversation with David Claerbout

Ory Dessau

David Claerhouts new exhibition at De Pont museum in Tilburg spans almost two decades of artistic practice in storyboards, drawings and video works. Ory Dessau traveled to Tilburg to speak with Claerhout about his uncanny works in which he attempts to grasp the passing of time and blur the differences between reality and illusion.

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In Europe: Poland – Endless Summer Job

Weronika Trojanska

In our series of summer reports we write on art scenes some of the lucky ones among us might soon be able to travel to again. This time Weronika Trojanska guides us through Poland’s current exhibitions, featuring three-dimensional textiles, the many moments of 'work' and the defence of artistic freedom.

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Towards an age of listening and relationality – talking to Rolando Vázquez about Vistas of Modernity

Leana Boven

This weekend at Kunstinstituut Melly Rolando Vázquez will be interviewed by Nancy Jouwe about Vistas of Modernity.We asked Leana Boven to talk to Vázquez about the aesthesic move he envisions in his book. One from enunciation and representation towards listening and relationality.

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Figures of attachment, constellation of relationships 

Susan Gibb

For four years Charlotte Prodger worked on an impressive autobiographical trilogy, in which her keen interest in language blends with a sophisticated and sensitive use of technology. The final part around mourning, attachment and queerness is still on view for a few days at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

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