How to radicalise curatorial practices – the methodological research of de Appel CP

Monica Liu

Many artists and cultural workers experiment with alternative modes of production and collaboration as a part of their anticolonial practices. 'Hope is a discipline' at de Appel CP adopts hope as a methodology to radicalise curatorial practices. Monica Liu visits two sessions organized by the programme's participants and their 'thought partners' Tropical Tap Water and Arts Collaboratory.

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Seeds as memory capsules - Chupan Mehraneh Atashi's political acts of remembering

Katayoon Barzegar

Confronted with the mechanics of control and censorship in their home country of Iran, Chupan Mehraneh Atashi started searching for other ways of portraying themselves. Captivated by their self-portraits and pictures of flowers, Katayoon Barzegar follows the artist as they install their exhibition at EKKM in Estonia, and traces the fruitful symbols of seeds and flowers in their work.

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‘I want to create spaces that encourage personal growth’ – in conversation with Eugenie Boon

Nele Brökelmann

Artist Eugenie Boon is known for her big and colourful paintings, inspired by her home country Curaçao. Nele Brökelmann talks to her about her move to The Netherlands and the scenes she depicts. ‘I believe that it is important for people from the islands to see their own reality represented in museums and galleries.’ 

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Geen punt - No Healing Without Repair at The Black Archives & CAPE X UTRECHT 

Evie Evans

The Black Archives’ Geen Punt is a campaign calling for the public’s opinion on how the Netherlands can offer more than just spoken apologies for the Dutch state’s role in slavery. What restorative actions could follow the comma? To find out, Evie Evans visits the exhibition 'No Healing Without Repair' at The Black Archives, which since a week has been expanded with the show CAPE X UTRECHT (co-curator Nancy Jouwe) at AG, Ruimte voor nieuwe kunst en media in Utrecht.

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