‘What does it mean to come from places that no longer exist?’ - ­ ­an interview with Etienne Kallos

Jue Yang

​As someone who exists within a state of intergenerational displacement, filmmaker Etienne Kallos delves into the cinematic forms of ‘unbelonging’. 'I’m queer, ethnically Greek, a South African from America and now in Europe. It’s not clear how it all adds up. I try to work through these fractures in my work.'

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‘The work is ours together, because we give meaning to it together’ — in conversation with Marian Duff

Olivia Brown

Grind culture, Black joy, and transparent museums: Marian Duff, founding director and head curator of the Open Space Contemporary Art Museum, tells Olivia Brown about OSCAM’s drive, ambitions and plans for the future. ‘We’ve shown ourselves enough. So now we’re going back to our core business. And what is important for us is calm.’

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Steve McQueen, Grenfell - Disaster in Detail

Bianca A. Manu

A vast expanse sprays the screen like a helicopter fighting a wildfire. The frame becomes a stream of water, our vision following as it dissipates across the city. Steve McQueen opens his new film Grenfell with his signature singular shot: panning the capital, giving us an Icarian view of London. 

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Criticising the Art World through Memes - a conversation with Cem A. aka @freeze_magazine

Nadeche Remst

In a series on new forms of art criticism Nadeche Remst talks to Cem A. about memes. Cem A. is editor of the Instagram account @freeze_magazine, a platform for satirical memes on the art world. Can a meme be more than a good joke?

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'What's more important than two women talking about web development?' - Life and Work of Maisa Imamović

Delany Boutkan

‘My research comes from having to do the things that my bureaucratic situation conditions me to do.’ Delany Boutkan asks artist, writer and web-developer Maisa Imamović about her research practice and the book The Psychology of the Web Developer, Reality of a Female Freelancer she recently published with the Institute of Network Cultures.

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