The Mother as a new artistic role model – in conversation with artist and researcher Deirdre M. Donoghue

Richtje Reinsma

For her PhD-research on ‘maternal aesth-ethics’ Deirdre M. Donoghue departed from the actual doings of mother-artists such as Weronika Zielinska, Courtney Kessel and Arahmaiani Feisal. Richtje Reinsma talks to her about mothering as 'a discipline' with far-reaching aesthetic, political and environmental force.

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Towards an age of listening and relationality – talking to Rolando Vázquez about Vistas of Modernity

Leana Boven

​In Vistas of Modernity Rolando Vázquez draws together insights and action points situated within decolonial thought that call for the end of the contemporary. Leana Boven talks to Vázquez about the aesthesic move he envisions: one from enunciation and representation towards listening and relationality.

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Grasping intimacy – in conversation with Verena Blok

Agnieszka Wodzińska

Embracing, but also suppressing each other: the sculptures, photographs, and work-in-progress video Verena Blok exhibited during Rijksakademie’s Open Studios pay tribute to womanhood and explore the tension between looking and being looked at. Agnieszka Wodzińska speaks with Blok about her intimate work, inspired by Polish relatives, generational differences and meaningful encounters.

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Makers of their own time – Chapter 3: ATELIER E.B

Jessica Gysel

Metropolis M's research fellow Jessica Gysel meets with queer & feminist collectives that exhibit alternative ways of cooperation and collaboration. For her third text in this series, she visits Lucy McKenzie and Beca Lipscombe whose joint practice ‘Atelier E.B’ positions itself in the midst of mass culture – pushing it to its limits of responsibility and collectivism.

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Kundiman para sa mga salbahe (Love songs for the savages | If it were not for the savages)

Iris Ferrer

Iris Ferrer writes about her conflicting feelings after moving from the Phillipines to The Netherlands. Currently she presents a collection of transmissions for and by people from the equator at De Appel in Amsterdam, which she curated as a curatorial fellow in corporation with Kent Chan and Julian Abraham 'Togar'. 

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