Kundiman para sa mga salbahe (Love songs for the savages | If it were not for the savages)

Iris Ferrer

Iris Ferrer writes about her conflicting feelings after moving from the Phillipines to The Netherlands. Currently she presents a collection of transmissions for and by people from the equator at De Appel in Amsterdam, which she curated as a curatorial fellow in corporation with Kent Chan and Julian Abraham 'Togar'. 

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A home for artist’s objects: 

a talk with Ash Kilmartin of LIFE

Pernilla Ellens

Ash Kilmartin runs LIFE, both gallery, shop and presentation space all in one showing and selling portative works by contemporary artists. On a hot spring day, Pernilla Ellens meets Kilmartin in the versatile space at the Keileweg in Rotterdam West, an upcoming area,  to talk about the foundations and motivations of LIFE.

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Learning from non-human agents – visiting Minne Kersten’s Constant Companion at Hotel Maria Kapel
Nele Brökelmann

Projecting our human experiences upon what we see is a strategy to make sense of the world – but what happens if a non-human agent enters our domestic space? Do we feel estranged? Threatened? Or does it open new ways to think about those views  we take for granted? Nele Brökelmann meets Minne Kersten at Hotel Maria Kapel in Hoorn, where her exhibition Constant Companion is on view until coming Friday.

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Co-creating the city – in conversation with RAUM

Alyxandra Westwood

Nestled in the relatively newly built neighbourhood Leidsche Rijn in Utrecht, ‘city-lab’ RAUM projects a futuristic vision of an active city-community. RAUM der Lusten –currently on view– is the latest result of this on-going communal reconsideration of public space. Alyxandra Westwood visits RAUM and meets with its director Donica Buisman.

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‘Practicing empathy’ ­– in conversation with Laurel Project Space

Gitka te Poel

Six young womxn run Laurel Project Space: a queer, feminist and safe space that puts care at the forefront of its agenda. Their current exhibition Why Oracle Nowon grief, craft & foresight is on view until coming Sunday. Gitka te Poel meets the collective and asks them about their dreams and ambitions.

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