'It does not always have to be political' - introducing Garage Rotterdam's new curator Marina Coelho

Zoë Dankert

How much time do we actually spend thinking and caring for the mass of flesh and blood in which we spend our lives? Not enough, according to curator Marina Coelho. That is why The House Where You Live Forever, Coelho’s first group exhibition at Garage is “a homage to the body.”

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The proof is in the process - Clare Butcher on the art world's renewed interest in cooking

Clare Butcher

What makes food fashionable? Art-making processes are moving closer to food-making practices and artists and institutions find inspiration in the global histories of certain ingredients and the domesticity of eating together. Clare Butcher guides us through this development and its merits.

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Wie heeft het voor het zeggen in een tentoonstelling: de kunstenaar, de curator of het publiek?

Domeniek Ruyters

Who's in control? in Fotodok dient zich aan als een tentoonstelling over de verborgen hedendaagse machtsstructuren, maar buigt ook terug op zichzelf: wie heeft het voor het zeggen in de tentoonstelling: de fotograaf, de curator of het publiek?

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Micro Art Initiatives #21: Root Canal
Lotte van Geijn

You might have seen their show in a Mobil Home during Amsterdam Art Weekend. Lotte van Geijn meets up with De Ateliers residents Anders Dickson, Frieder Haller, Henna Hyvärinen and Thomas Swinkels to talk about their artist-run-space Root Canal.

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What are our (digital) dreams made of? - Persijn Broersen and Margit Lukács at Foam

Alena Alexandrova

While visiting Point Cloud, Old Growth at Foam Alena Alexandrova explores the new intersections between digital media and photography as proposed by Persijn Broersen and Margit Lukács.

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