Positive contamination: on this year’s Helsinki Biennale

Eliisa Loukola

This year’s edition of the Helsinki Biennale wants to offer agency to nonhuman entities, be they natural or technological in nature. The works are spread around the island of Vallisaari and its old gunpowder cellars, facing the challenge and opportunity to work with their surroundings. Eliisa Loukola visits Vallisaari and selects some site-specific works.

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‘Our work experience has prepared us for this’ – in conversation with Antonio Amador and Jandir Junior

Tanja Baudoin

The artist duo from Rio de Janeiro creates performances that expose the social conditions of working in an art institution. Curator Tanja Baudoin talks to them ahead of their participation in the 35th São Paulo Biennale.

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‘There's text happening everywhere’ – in conversation with writing and publishing collective Short Pieces That Move!

Cara Farnan

First begun in the context of the Piet Zwart Fine Art Masters by writer and translator Kate Briggs, Short Pieces That Move! has since expanded beyond the institution into online writing sessions, and more recently a publishing project. Cara Farnan sits down with the group a few days before their second pamphlet launch to ask about the work that they have been doing and the collective and energetic nature of their editing and publishing processes.

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Painting the Black Mundane - in conversation with Kenneth Aidoo

Thierno Deme

Kenneth Aidoo is an artist whose powerful and thought-provoking works delve into the historical experiences and contemporary realities of Black people. Inspired by forgotten narratives and untold chapters of history, Aidoo aims to create an emotional connection with viewers with his vivid and emotive compositions, inviting them to explore themes of identity, faith, and the everyday lives of Black people. Thierno Deme talks to Aidoo about his practice and the shift from narratives of Black excellence towards narratives of the Black mundane. 

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