Proposal Rasheed Araeen rejected at Tate Modern

Issue no1
Feb - March 2020

Rasheed Araeen says British museums are failing to tell full story of 'multiracial' country. Tate rejected artist's project detailing “most inclusive history of art in post-war Britain”.

“Persistent institutional racism” has meant that UK institutions including the Tate have shunned Rasheed Araeen’s 16-year project that tells “the most inclusive history of art in post-war Britain”, the artist says.

The Karachi-born artist, writer and curator began working on the project, The Whole Story: Art in Postwar Britain, in 2001 in a bid to challenge what he describes as the “prevailing mainstream Modern art histories [that] recognise, legitimise and celebrate only—and exclusively—the achievements of white artists”, he says.

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