Lesser-Of-Two-Evils-Ism: Participating in Election 2020 USA

Jeremiah Day

How is one to consider the 2020 US Presidential election, to get involved either mentally or in any practical sense? Jeremiah Day discusses the choice between two evils. Can “non-participation” have public meaning?

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Care in times of Care 

Staci Bu Shea

How to make sure that the revaluation of care the COVID-19 crisis seems to bring about will last? Curator Staci Bu Shea have devoted much of their practice to the notion of care within art and culture. Their critical observations inspire ways in which we can continue to take care of care.   

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For a Criticism of Emergence

Sven Lütticken

What is the role of art criticism in a world heading for its catastrophe.

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Top 3 Reasons to Make Organisational Thinking Cool Again in 2019 - Reflections #4

Victoria Ivanova

Get organized! Victoria Ivanova presents her three top reasons for why the art world presents a fascinating terroir for developing organisational thinking. Plus she also explains why this is a thing to do in 2019. 

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In Poland, which is to say everywhere

Kuba Szreder

Shrit happens. What to do against the upcoming fascism around us? Kuba Szreder, a Polish writer and curator, sees a few openings in the dark.

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White raven
Domeniek Ruyters
Beyond the new
Hella Jongerius & Louise Schouwenberg
Why New York Museums love German Cars
Hinde Haest
Space out in Holland...It's not an option!
Jonas Ohlsson
Despotic powers

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