Research and resourcefulness: Sandberg Instituut Graduation Show 2021

Manuela Zammit

Last weekend, 64 graduation projects and a lively event programme coordinated by fresh graduates of the Sandberg Instituut animated the main building of Het Hem and the nearby Project Fabriek. Manuela Zammit travelled to Zaandam and was inspired by the resourcefulness of the works.

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An urgent attempt – Kirchner and Nolde: Expressionism Colonialism at the Stedelijk 

Hannah Vollam

Kirchner and Nolde: Expressionism Colonialism at the Stedelijk Museum tells a broader, darker story about two masters of modern art. It attempts to break free from the persuasive grip of art history and bridge the colonial divide between “art” and “ethnographic objects". All of which Hannah Vollam deems necessary if the museum wishes to be relevant or inclusive.

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The Artist's Novel: David Maroto talking to Chris Kraus, Cally Spooner and others at Page Not Found

Nele Brökelmann

With Chris Kraus and Cally Spooner zooming in, David Maroto's book presentation at Page Not Found promised to become memorable.

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Tracing Lines: Radna Rumping's Hoofdweg (a possible line)

Manuela Zammit

Radna Rumping’s audio essay Hoofdweg (a possible line) leads through the longest street of Plan West in Amsterdam, the Hoofdweg. Manuela Zammit donned her headphones and started walking, before sitting down with Rumping to discuss the phenomenon of the artist walk, conceptual art, and the context of Amsterdam.

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Can Walls Have Windows? - Weg die Muur, an artist walk through Amsterdam West  - Walks/Wandelingen #2

Kaylie Kist

The walk Weg die Muur (Tear down that wall) by Aimée Zeto Lima leads through two neighbourhoods of Amsterdam West, tracing the dichotomy between old and new through a series of curtains inspired by archival materials. 

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