Between delight and discomfort

Isaac Julien: What Freedom is to Me 

Jasmine Joy James

The first ever large-scale solo exhibition by film and video artist Isaac Julien is currently on view at Tate Britain in London. Jasmine Joy James visits the exhibition and is overwhelmed in the best possible ways by the multiplicity of perspective in the films: ‘Perhaps Julian’s freedom is born out of his capacity to sit with the subjectivities of the vying identities we hold within.’

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Graduation Shows 2023: HKU BA Fine Arts

Alyxandra Westwood

Gender, sexuality, softness and memory are at the centre of this year’s Fine Arts graduation show at HKU, Utrecht. Alyxandra Westwood selects six works that catch her interest.

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Graduation Shows 2023: KABK

Joris van den Einden

At the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague, a wall is falling apart before the visitors’ own eyes. Joris van den Einden discusses the work by Aldo Brinkhoff and a couple of other graduating students.

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Unwanted bodies – resistance and refusal - Becoming Ovartaci and Danish Cobra 75

Maia Kenney

Outsider, intellectual, poet, traveler, psychiatric patient and what now is called a trans artist, the Danish artist Ovartaci (1894 – 1985, born as Louis Marcussen) fits perfectly in today's identity based art discourse which is promoting an inclusive boundary free approach to the arts. Her work stands out in the impressive exhibition 'Cobra 75: Danish Modern Art' at Cobra Museum getting a floor of its own. Maia Kenney is impressed by the richness of all presentations at the Amstelveen museum though unsure about the way Ovartaci is framed. ‘I realized just how lonely Ovartaci was.’

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