A double exercise – MVRDVHNI: The Living Archive of a Studio

Colin Keays

Situated right at the top of Het Nieuwe Instituut in a former office space, the current exhibition of MVRDV’s practice looks directly out towards the Depot of the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, the latest instagrammable landmark in the architectural studio’s eclectic oeuvre. Colin Keays visits a refreshing double exercise in re-interpreting an archive and exhibiting an architectural retrospective.

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To Keep the Fire Alive – MPA at Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen

Arnisa Zeqo

‘Theater comes from fire’, says American artist MPA, and their performance and exhibition at Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen is all about keeping that fire alive. Arnisa Zeqo talked to MPA and jumped on the bus of If I Can’t Dance to experience their work within the thick walls of a former bunker.

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26/F/NL seeking a way to reconnect at IMPAKT’s Modern Love festival

Agnieszka Wodzińska

How does the Internet impact the way we meet, date, love, and break up? Can artists bridge the gaps between individuals that capitalist modes of being, the COVID-19 pandemic, and social media all widened in recent years? Modern Love (or Love in the Age of Cold Intimacies) offers a refreshing take on how digitisation influences our most intimate relationships in a two-part exhibition across Utrecht and a vibrant hybrid programme of screenings, discussions, and performances.

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Graduation Shows 2021­–  Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam

Manuela Zammit

Over the course of this weekend, five whole floors in the building of the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam were taken over by the graduation projects of over 150 students who completed their studies between 2020 and 2021. Manuela Zammit picks a handful of projects that piqued her eyes.

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And the rest is silence: Patricia Kaersenhout at Het Hem

Manuela Zammit

Glass busts of Dutch generals and army commanders who played a prominent role in quashing revolts in the former Dutch colonies of Surinam and Indonesia are getting blown to shards; in reverse and on repeat in spectacular slow motion. Patricia Kaersenhout’s What a Piece of Work is Man at Het HEM gets the white, male, colonial oppressors to silently reckon with their legacy’s literal undoing.

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