The hidden hands of collectors haunt the show – on 'The Land of Few and Far Between' at Billytown

Cara Farnan

​“Collecting, Gathering, Keeping”: these are the three words used to introduce the groupexhibition currently on view at Billytown. On her visit, Cara Farnan is struck by the array of bodies gathered here: moths, books, twigs, corners and people try to tell their intimate stories. It’s only when talking to curator Kim David Bots that these stories, and the thrill of collecting they exhibit, truly become within reach.

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Resistance and Rebirth - patricia kaersenhout: The Third Dimension

Laetitia Lai

Until November 20th, Centrum Beeldende Kunst Zuidoost (CBK) in the Bijlmer presents a new film by patricia kaersenhout in the context of an installation of her work. The film  Le retour des femmes colibris focuses on the forgotten and unheard voices of five women of colour: Josephine Baker, Suzanne Césaire, Frida Kahlo, Paulette and Jeanne Nardal. Laetitia Lai pays a visit to patricia kaersenhout: The Third Dimension, to hear the voices of the unheard.

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Naming the unnamed: The Hauntologists at BAK

Stefan Cammeraat

The current exhibition at BAK in Utrecht is focused around an inherently ephemeral and difficult to define term: hauntology. Stefan Cammeraat visits the exhibition and discusses the projects of 'the hauntologists' - 'who lives life as a way of spectral research'. Their enquiries and hauntings make tangible that which cannot be defined.

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Growing Pains – Anne Imhof’s solo-exhibition 'YOUTH' at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Jordan Ross Ellingwood

Every year, more techno-things are foisted upon young minds. Where does this ultimately lead? Jordan Ross Ellingwood turns to Anne Imhof’s solo-exhibition YOUTH at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam to search for insights amidst the high school lockers, fresh tires and staring avatars.

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